Lab info

New lab improvements!

The quad-GPU rig under construction! This rig will heat up the lab nicely.

Bioacoustics capacity: In Panama, we have 43 Audiomoth loggers, six Cornell Swift recorders, and countless handheld recording set-ups (microphones, Marantz recorders, lavalier microphones, etc.). We also are equipped to calibrate (frequency and amplitude) of microphones and speakers.

Computing: After dealing with equipment and personnel shortages during the COVID pandemic, the Behavioral Complexity is shifting into overdrive. We have finally procured the GPUs to complete our large deep-learning rig. In the next month, we will be at full capacity with the following recently acquired equipment:

  1. One deep-learning rig outfitted with four NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs.
  2. Two mini deep-learning rigs each outfitted with one NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo GPUs.
  3. One Prusa Mini 3D printer.
  4. High capacity hard-drives (with RAID backup architecture) with remote backup capability.

Joint lab space: Because so many methods and analysis workflows (bioacoustics, etc.) are shared between those studying birds and bats, we have combined forces with the Bernard Research Lab to share workspace. We have outgrown are small lab and are now in the process of moving into to a new lab space. One space will be dedicated to computational work (AI, bioacoustics analysis, etc.) while the other will be used for sample processing, equipment repair and testing, etc.