Current Research

Bird-Window Collision Project

Screenshot of the mobile app that we are using for rapid collection of high-quality data.

The Bird Window Collision Project is being run by the Behavioral Complexity Lab in the Department of Zoology & Physiology, in coordination with University of Wyoming Museum of Vertebrates. This Project aims to (1) quantify and reduce bird mortality impact due to window strikes on the University of Wyoming campus, and (2) add to scientific knowledge of the impacts of buildings on wild animals.

The BWCP conducts surveys of 54 facades on the University of Wyoming campus.

We used the epicollect5 platform to design a data entry app for mobile phones. We soft-launched this project in May 2021, and we are currently working out the kinks with the app. We will be conducting building surveys periodically throughout the winter season, and we will be recruiting people on the University of Wyoming campus to help with Spring surveys starting in February. If you are interested in spending about 30-minutes per week going for a walk and searching for dead birds, please contact Dr. Patrick Kelley (jkelle24 “at” Currently, this project is being developed with assistance from University of Wyoming undergraduate Makayla Loveland.

Imprint of dove on window of BioSci building on UWyo campus (28-Jan-2022; photo by Patrick Kelley)
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Development & Troubleshooting of UW-BWCP mobile app